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Great O Tavolo Pro


VAT included.

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Super O is a collection of battery-operated, portable and rechargeable lamps that includes table, floor (in three models), suspended (in three models), wall (in two models) and pendant lamp types.

The light module is attached to the frame of each model via a magnet and allows the light to be aligned by rotating it through 360°. A “touch” control on the top of the module allows switching on, adjusting the light intensity (4-stage dimming) and selecting the light color temperature between 2700 K, 3150 K and 4000 K.

Thanks to a high protection index, the lamps in the collection can also be used outdoors. They have an electronic control system that monitors the remaining range and ensures a constant luminous flux until the battery is exhausted, allowing recharges to be optimized and always carried out correctly. The module can be easily removed and conveniently charged by connecting it to the corresponding contact charging disc.

Charging station included


Housing made of painted die-cast aluminum

Prismatic polycarbonate diffuser shade

Suitable for use outdoors (IP65 lamp) and indoors

Service life of 10 - 160 h, depending on the luminous flux setting

Charging time at 2A: 5 h

Rechargeable and replaceable lithium battery