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Spin 1200


VAT included.

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The fascinating play of flames impresses with its first-class aesthetics, well-thought-out functionality and uncompromising safety. Based on natural höfats bioethanol, the simple-looking SPIN immediately transforms into a spectacular swirl of flames when the glass cylinder made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass is placed on it. The technologically advanced bio-burner securely seals the liquid höfats bioethanol inside and allows the distinctive flame to rise like a sculpture. Stable, odorless and smoke-free, you can enjoy the warmth of the fire spectacle. You have everything under control, because with the Eco-Ring you can double the burning time and if the evening comes to an end before the flame goes out, the fire can be completely and safely extinguished with the included extinguishing cap.

SPIN leaves a lasting impression - as a table fire, standing on the floor, as a garden torch and even as a floating hanging fire. The numerous award-winning design product gives you creative freedom and thanks to the comprehensive range of accessories you can find the right flame vortex for every occasion.

Attention: SPIN is not permitted as a heater in continuous operation!