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Grigio Milano


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Fragrance description

The emotional journey of Locherber Milano continues among the perfumes and fragrances of the world and reaches Australia. Banksia is a new fragrance inspired by the Australian wildflower of the same name.

The scent, aromatic, woody and spicy, opens with balsamic notes of Australian eucalyptus and citrus grapefruit and then develops into more floral nuances of monoi, frangipane and boronia. The finish is intense and enveloping with woody hints of Australian sandalwood and cedarwood as well as spicy vetiver and banksia nectar.

Scent pyramid

Top notes: Australian eucalyptus, grapefruit
Heart notes: Monoi, Frangipane, Boronia, Ledifoglia
Base notes: Australian sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, banksia nectar

You will receive the room fragrance as a 100 ml spray, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2500 ml or 5000 ml diffuser with an attractive wooden cap and fine fragrance sticks. You can also buy the matching Eau de Parfum and the practical 500 ml refill container from us, with which you can refill the intense and spicy room scent from Locherber inexpensively.

Packaging & Design

The hand-painted glass bottle containing the wonderful fragrance essence was lovingly shaped and created by hand. The room fragrance diffuser is also finished with a piece of wood that serves as a cap and holder for the fragrance sticks. Each piece of wood is an absolutely rare unique piece, made from the highest quality wood in the world.

Sergio Berlocher is the original founder of Locherber, although he focused more on developing skin care products that failed to gain traction in the global market. His son brought the necessary creativity and inspiration to the company to make fundamental changes. The product design was put in the hands of artisans who were supposed to give the high-quality Locherber creams that certain touch and the products immediately caught the eye of customers. But Locherber's success story was far from over, as the range was also expanded to include wonderfully intense scented candles and room fragrances, which, with a perfume concentration of up to 20%, clearly stand out from the mass of room fragrances and diffusers. Today, Locherber room fragrances are known and loved worldwide due to their particularly high quality.