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Feuer und Co.

Fire and Co.

We are all confronted with an increasingly complex and digital everyday life. The last few weeks and months in particular, in which working from home became the norm overnight, have presented many of us with particular challenges. But once again, and perhaps even more impressively than ever before, this time has shown us how advancing digitalization is fueling the longing for balance - for something real, tactile, natural, consistent and also heartwarming. Above all, the longing for a beautiful and carefree time with our loved ones. And no matter where we satisfy this longing these days, be it in the closest circle at home or outside in the garden and in nature - with fire these moments are even more intense and simply much more beautiful. And that is exactly what drives us every day, something we have been passionate about since we were founded in 2015:
We're bringing the fire back into your life! You and your best friends gathered around a crackling fire. Is there anything more beautiful? These unforgettable fire stories are our answer to the “why”, are our “purpose” and this is exactly why höfats thinks up, invents, optimizes and produces beautiful, innovative and unique products. Our range includes table fires, fire baskets, fire bowls, grills, lanterns, torches and, in the future, many other products that will make your time by the fire the best time of your life.

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Spin 900Spin 900
Spin 900 Offeraway €139,00

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Spin 1200 Offeraway €179,00

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Spin 1500
Spin 1500 Offeraway €299,00

2 Colors available

Bioethanol Offeraway €8,00
Moon Offeraway €40,00