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Plate/Piatto 27cm old


VAT included.

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Discover the beauty and quality of the handmade plate/piatto 27cm old made of 100% ceramic, made in Italy. Each piece is unique as shape and color may vary slightly, which gives the product a special charm. Our own employees in Italy are proud to offer you a product made without heavy metals and is food safe. So you can serve your favorite dishes on this plate without any worries. The dishwasher safe nature of this plate makes cleaning a breeze. Simply put it in the dishwasher and relax while the dishes become sparkling clean again. In addition, the plate/piatto 27cm old is also oven safe up to a temperature of 100°. So you can safely use it to warm up food or even serve it in it. Bring a piece of traditional craftsmanship and elegance to your kitchen with this handmade plate/piatto 27cm old. Order today and enjoy the beauty and functionality of this unique product. Please note that the plate is not suitable for the microwave.